How To Create Android App without coding or without learning any programming language.

So Basically Today we are talking about how we can create the Android app with coding basically if we want to create an Android app we must need to learn a Programming language.

we need to learn a programming language and graphics Designing now you are thinking that why we need to learn graphic Designing so friends in any android app the all the thing like the background image or any other image in an app is actually an image and we need to learn java from basic to Advance level.

Can we create the app without Coding

So, Now, you are thinking that is it possible or not yes it is possible you can create Any kind of Android app without learning any kind of coding skill.

There are a lot of platforms on which you can create any kind of android app without any coding basically there are a lot of Platform through you can create an android app some of the best platforms are Thinkable, Appybilder, Makeroid, Appsgeyser.

Which Platform is Best.

So Friends now you are thinking which platform is best for us to create an android app basically I prefer you to start creating the android app on Appybuilder and Thunkable these are the best platforms.

Now you are thinking that can we use Appgeyser to create any kind of the Android app so friends my answer is no you can not create any kind of app on Appsgeyser because it allows us to create some kind of app and we don’t need to know any kind of Knowledge to create the app on Appsgeyser.


So Friends in Thunkable you need to know some knowledge of Blocks but it is very easy and simple it depends on you how you use it I think it is one of the best platforms to create the Android app because it is totally free and very easy to learn.

There are a lot of extensions available on the internet which helps you in creating the app and to increase the quality of your Android app you can also search on the internet or on youtube about thunkable.

I think thinkable is the best platform to create any kind of android app and you can earn a lot of money you can easily place ads on your app thunkable is also available to create ios Applications.

Appy builder:-

So Friends Appybuilder is also looking like Thunkable but Appybuilder have a lot of new feature in it and you can create high-quality App in Appybuilder.

There are a lot of new feature in appybuilder you can create the racing game or fighting game in appybuilder in appybuilder you also need to use your logic to create the android app.

There are a lot of extensions are available on the internet you can use them in your app you can also place Admob or Amazon Ads in your App.


So Friends now I am telling you About Appsgeyser Friends appsgeyser is very easy to use you don’t require any kind of coding language or any kind of knowledge of Blocks it is very easy to use but you can not create any kind of apps because it allows us to create android app of some types if you don’t have any knowledge that you can easily create app on it.

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