Blogger vs WordPress Which is Best for creating a website.

So Friends Before Starting a website we just need to know that which Platform is best for us for creating a website. Basically, the most used platform to create a website is Blogger and WordPress all the big websites are created on WordPress or Blogger. So we must need to know which is best for us to create a website.


So Friend, first of all, I will tell you some information about the blogger. Blogger is totally free it is powered by Google if you want to create a blog website you just need to create a Google Account and just Sign up on There are Some limitation of

Can we Customize our Blog Website

Yes, There are a lot of templates which are available on the internet many of them are free but there are some paid themes. You can customize your blogger template as you want them there are a lot of templates available on the internet.

Features in

Basically, is totally free as you know that as a thing is free so it has some limitations. There is some limitation in but I think if you are doing event blogging it is best for you because in event blogging your blog/website get unlimited traffic so the blogger can handle unlimited traffic on it so is best for you if you are doing event blogging.


So Friend if you are thinking that to use  WordPress for your website so you need to buy hosting and domain name it necessary because without hosting and custom domain you can not create a website so these two things are very important.

Can we customize our Website?

Yes, you can customize your website but you need some knowledge of programming languages and information on Website Development so it is a very important thing. There are a lot of Templates/Themes available on the internet many of them are free but some are paid if you want to use a paid theme you need to buy it and then you can customize it as you want it.

Features in WordPress Website.

Basically, as we compare WordPress to so there are a lot of new and helpful features in WordPress.But in WordPress website, if you get 10000 to 20000 visitors on your website at a time your website will crash so you need to buy hosting from a Good website Like Godaddy Hostgator Bluehost etc and you need to buy a custom domain name for your WordPress website.

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